Psych Services

Critical Incident Response (CIR)

Worklink can provide a Critical Incident Response (CIR) Service for organisations for any trauma experienced by employees.  Our intervention, following a critical incident, assists with the minimisation of the impact of the trauma on the individual and/or work group and the organisation.

Worklink’s CIR service provides access to our 24 hour trauma response line via a paging system. Key features of the CIR service include:

  • CIR response via telephone contact and professional advice within a maximum of 30mins from the time of initial contact.

  • CIR involvement will be assessed and services arranged within 2 hours of Worklink being contacted.

  • In the event of a larger emergency Worklink is able to deploy a CIR team of Psychologists.

  • Defusing and debriefing session will be available in either groups or on an individual basis, as needed.

  • Follow up contact will be made with all employees involved in the debriefing process, and individual counselling offered when considered appropriate.