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Manual Tasks Training Package

Worklink’s Manual Tasks Training Package is custom designed to suit the requirements of your organisation.

A comprehensive worksite assessment is undertaken prior to the training package development to ensure an accurate understanding of the manual handling tasks required of the job.

Ideally, a minimum of 2 hours of training is delivered.  This comprises at least 1 hour of basic prerequisite information about “How your body works” as well as risk identification and assessment of risk factors for manual handling injuries.  Innovative catchcries are used as prompts for good manual tasks techniques. This part of the package uses a dynamic PowerPoint presentation as well as practical demonstration.

Further to the above, at least 1 hour is dedicated to practical application of safe manual handling techniques within your workplace. Real work scenarios are utilised to problem solve and practise manual handling techniques.  This provides an excellent forum in which to reinforce correct techniques and tackle manual tasks risks onsite.

Following the training, a report is provided to management that includes a summary of the personnel trained and content of the package.  Certificates are provided to each participant of the course.

All of our programmes are tailored to specific work environments ...