Psych Services

Stress Assessment (Factual Report)

A Worklink Stress Assessment provides a highly detailed assessment of the circumstances surrounding the lodgement of a claim for work related stress or psychological injury/illness.  The purpose of the assessment is to provide the Insurer with factual information for the purpose of determining liability. 

Worklink Stress Assessments are undertaken by professional Psychologists specifically trained in investigative techniques and who possess an excelling working knowledge of the Workers’ compensation Act.  Our Psychologists are highly skilled in dealing with distressed individuals and information gathering without compromising the claimant’s psychological wellbeing. 

A Worklink Stress Assessment emphasis the psychological factors inherent in the claim and includes:

  • Comprehensive chronology of events

  • Summary of interviews

  • Statements from the claimant and all relevant parties

  • Organisational analysis

  • Identification of contributing factors

  • Recommendations for future management of the worker’s psychological health