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Pre-start Exercises and Manual Tasks

- Train the Trainer

Worklink has developed a Pre-Start Exercise and Manual Tasks "Train-the-Trainer" Package aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable musculoskeletal injuries. It is suitable for implementation on-site where repetitive or frequent manual tasks are required by staff on a daily basis. The value of this programme is the empowerment of site personnel to be trained to instruct their own staff. A verification of competency test is included in the programme. 

The programme is tailored to the organisation for which it is to be delivered and is therefore specific to the operations of that site. The components of the programme are:

Worksite evaluation (on-site)

The Worksite Evaluation allows the Worklink Consultant to understand the manual handling tasks required of site personnel and the associated manual handling risk areas. Furthermore, the physical layout in relation to pre-start exercise programme implementation will be examined and photographs taken of specific manual tasks for inclusion in the Training Package.

Development of tailored train the trainer programme modules
A range of relevant exercises and stretches are developed along with practical manual tasks technique training modules. The package is presented in an easy to use manual for implementation with personnel who have been selected to undertaken the Train the Trainer Programme.

Implementation of on-site train the trainer tuition
The Train the Trainer Programme trains the designated site personnel (usually mix of supervisors and/or OSH site personnel) to be able to deliver a Pre-Start Exercise Programme and Practical Manual Tasks training to site personnel on a daily basis.

The Train the Trainer Package consists of a 2-3 hour onsite training programme (can accommodate up to 5 trainees in a group). The Train the Trainer 2-3 hour sessions consist of:

  • Basic manual tasks education and prerequisite information

  • Background to Pre-Start Exercise Programme

  • Rationale, contraindications & variations for selected exercises/stretches

  • Detailed training on applicable manual handling “catch-cries” and manual tasks techniques to incorporate into the 15 minute Pre-Start Exercise Programme each day.


A manual containing resources and delivery instructions for the Pre-Start Exercise Programme and manual tasks modules is produced and supplied. This manual is be utilised by Trainers (i.e. the selected staff who have completed the Train the Trainer course) for the daily delivery of the programme to site staff. The modules in the manual will comprise: 

  • Pre-start exercises

  • Manual tasks technique modules (x8)


It is envisaged that the 15 minute daily pre-start exercise sessions run by site staff, be augmented with manual tasks technique training approximately once per week and will be rotated on an ongoing basis.

Verification of competency test on-site
A VOC checklist assessment will be developed and undertaken with each of the site personnel who complete the Train the Trainer Package