Ergonomic Services

Training & Evaluation

By far our most popular and effective ergonomics package comprises a group training seminar followed by short individual workstation evaluations. In this package, an informative and interactive 1 hour PowerPoint presentation, “Ergonomics for Computer Users”, is delivered to up to approx. 15 personnel as a prerequisite to the individual workstation evaluations that follow.

PRESENTATION:  “Ergonomics for Computer Users”

The presentation provides personnel with the information they require to independently make modifications to their workstations in accordance with the principles of appropriate workstation adjustment.  The presentation includes a practical demonstration of appropriate workstation setup.  It also includes to provision of resource information for each individual to guide participants through self-evaluation of their workstation following the seminar.

Participants ideally attend the presentation prior to receiving an individual workstation evaluation that day.  This allows for optimal reinforcement and application of the learned ergonomics principles.


Following the “Ergonomics for Computer Users” presentation, each individual receives a workstation evaluation for duration of approximately 20 minutes.

The allocation of 20 minutes per participant is possible providing that each person has participated in the training presentation in order to have received prerequisite information prior to the evaluation.  Please note that 20 minute time allocations do not allow detailed analysis of an individual’s symptoms or injuries; it may be recommended that any participant with symptoms or injury undergo further evaluation.


A comprehensive report to management is provided that contains an executive summary, along with a one page summary report per individual evaluation. The on-off Executive Summary details general ergonomic issues identified, such as seating, desk configuration, computing issues and physical work environment.

The accompanying individual evaluation reports provide management with a detailed account of issues identified and modifications made or recommended at each workstation. Specific recommendations for each participant that require further intervention by either the participant or the organisation are included.

NOTE:  Any of the above may be modified and tailored to the organisation’s specific needs.