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Worklink is accredited by both WorkCover and Comcare as a Workplace Rehabilitation Provider.

Worklink’s workplace rehabilitation programmes (WRPs) assist workers to return to safe, durable and productive employment following a work related injury or illness.  Workplace rehabilitation is an active process that involves the coordination of specific health services and consultation with all relevant parties to return a worker to suitable duties.  Workplace rehabilitation plans and return to work programmes are developed and upgraded in consultation with the workers' medical practitioners and in conjunction with the worker, employer, insurer and other treating health professionals. 

Worklink’s workplace rehabilitation services can assist an injured worker return to their pre occupation with their existing employer or with placement in a new occupation with a new employer.  Placement with a new employer requires specific intervention including vocational assessment, work trial and job placement services.  Please refer to our services for detailed information.

Workplace Rehabilitation

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Worklink's services aim to decrease the economic and human cost
of work related injury and illness